In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Spent the week love/hating NBC?* I mean, how can a network be so obnoxious (Conan/Leno/etc.) and yet bring you SO many great things (30 Rock/Community/etc.)? I think I speak for everyone in the world when I say “I’m confused about this, NBC!” So rather than let that confusion rule your life, shake it off with some Knox Road: The Least Confusing Music Blog On The Internet.

Europe In Color broke up, but their songs live on

[Review] Vampire Weekend’s Contra is a perfect sophomore effort
[Review] Laura Veirs pulls out all the stops on the enchanting July Flame
[Review] Owen Pallett provides an expected followup with Heartland
[MP3] matt pond PA: “Starting”
Exit Clov releases new album

Notable Album Release: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Kollaps Tradixionales
Jay Reatard dies at 29

[MP3+Video] Bear Hands: “What A Drag”

[MP3] Seabear: “Lion Face Boy”
[MP3] Lucy Schwartz: “Help Me! Help Me!”

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Shearwater
Notable Album Release: Lali Puna – Our Inventions

[MP3] Sufjan Stevens: “The Sleeping Red Wolves”

*Pick of the Week*
Aquarium Drunkard: “Bobby Charles :: 1938-2010” While a lot of people were abuzz with news of the untimely death of Jay Reatard, AD also pointed out the passing of notable musician Bobby Charles.

*Many of us actually spent the week following the tragedy in Haiti, but :( times are :( and I’d like to keep the :( times on the blogs where it is appropriate and proper respect can be paid.

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