Notable Album Release: Lali Puna - Our Inventions

More Morr music! And this one’s a doozy. Lali Puna, one of my favorite electronic pop acts, are set to release their first new material in over five years. Needless to say, it’s been way too long. Organic and female-fronted, Lali Puna have stolen my heart on numerous occasions. Last featured on KR in a friendly debate that pitted them vs. The Notwist (it should be noted, they share Markus Acher, drummer for Lali Puna and frontman of The Notwist), Lali Puna can finally become a relevant band again. It’s also a pretty good time for them to re-enter the scene; lo-fi electronic pop is at its highest appeal (see the <3 for The Go Find on the Hype Machine).

Our Inventions is due April 1. Certainly more to come on this end.

Lali Puna – “Grin and Bear” [MP3] (from Faking The Books)

Lali Puna on MySpace

2 comments to Notable Album Release: Lali Puna – Our Inventions

  • ldpt

    Lali Puna don’t share the drummer with the Notwist: The Notwist’s singer Markus Acher (who is also in Tied + Tickled Trio, 13 & God etc) is also in Lali Puna (and he sings on some songs and also co-writes a lot of them).

    Lee Reply:

    Acher does indeed drum for Lali Puna, though. But you’re right ldpt; I should have phrased it better. I will fix that now.