Interview with Adrian Jewett of The Most Serene Republic


With The Most Serene Republic set to drop their newest effort, …And The Ever Expanding Universe, tomorrow, we thought it would be of interest to hear what lead man Adrian Jewett thinks about his musicianship, The Most Serene Republic in general, the new sound, and beyond. Good luck deciphering! Check out this previous post about The Most Serene Republic.

The Most Serene Republic – “Heavens To Purgatory” [MP3] (from …And The Ever Expanding Universe)

The Most Serene Republic – “Present Of Future End” [MP3] (from Population)

Knox Road: When and how did you get into music?

Adrian Jewett: My Dad is a huge vinyl fan and music connoisseur. Especially from that of the prog era of the early 70’s. He also had a panache for female singer-songwriters. (i.e. Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Alison Moyet) Through him, I got into music at a young age – bopping to Level 42 as a toddler and such. Once the seed is planted, it grows.

KR: How was “The Most Serene Republic” the artist created?

AJ: Friends getting together who needed a lot to keep them satisfied – burning on the inside to explode with communication. Excitement. The world. Our responsibility to make it our own and make it incredible.

KR: Who and what are your personal influences (musically and non)? What inspires you?

AJ: Music with a melody that is as wild as a river, rhythm as cranky as the trees before a storm, harmony as those moments when you stop thinking about everything partial, to turn down everything else, and see the whole.

KR: The new songs I’ve heard from …And The Ever Expanding Universe have a different/unique sound to them compared to your previous material. What sound are you looking for when you write the music and in what direction do you think your music is progressing?

AJ: We are bridge burners, always there presently but never to turn around. If we were to go back, it wouldn’t interest us anymore. Like an RPG, once the town has been visited, why go back except to reminisce? As far as direction into the future, no clue. It’s so improv, and so random, reacting to the inputs and outputs of the day, with not one being the same as the other.

KR: What’s your thought process going into each song and how do you approach the music?

AJ: There is generally a mood or emotion that aligns itself with the music and tone in which the song takes. But basically, we just write. We are quite automatic creatures and when a song is written, all the things that come into play are autonomously refined through a line.

KR: What would you like to accomplish as an artist? What are your plans for the immediate future and beyond?

AJ: I would like to live and be happy as an artist. That is not an easy thing to do, especially if oneself constantly strives for better. My plans for the future is to be content enough to continue to observe the spectacle of life without the intense feelings of boredom that sometimes arise.

KR: Quick list: 5 songs currently on your hot list and a brief note about each.

AJ: Phoenix – “Lisztomania”. This is pretty much the only song I have on rotation right now. It’s super catchy, euro-sexy dance dance.

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