Phenomenal Video Saturday: Shearwater

Time for another week of Phenomenal Video Saturday, the only blog post guaranteed to cure diabetes!* This week I have for you a video of Shearwaterwho are releasing an album pretty soon, by the way — performing “Leviathan, Bound” from their album Rook at Florence Gould Hall in NYC. I wanted to share it mostly because the performance is remarkably spot-on with the album version of the track. Everything, from Jonathan Meiburg’s vocal tics to the gorgeous string arrangements, is executed faithfully and effectively. The difference is the video of the running man-beast in the background. You know what they say, adding a man-beast always gets the juices flowing [citation needed].

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Shearwater – “Leviathan, Bound” [MP3]

* This post absolutely does cure diabetes. Don’t say no to science.

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