Phenomenal Video Saturday: Cursive!

How have I not ever posted this video before? I am outraged with myself! Outraged!

So in early 2009 Cursive made their network television debut on Letterman with “From the Hips,” from their latest album, Mama, I’m Swollen (tee hee). Now I’m going to go on record and say that I, like, totes wuv Cursive, but I really didn’t care for their newest barring a few songs. And I was totally ambivalent to “From the Hips” — it seemed nice and all, but you know, whatever. However, this performance is everything that I’ve loved about the band for the past few years — it’s raw, intense, anguished, and horns. Pretty much the horns do it for me.

But why listen to me? Letterman says it best: “Where are you guys from? Omaha, Nebraska? I’ll be damned!” Now, I’m not sure what exactly he said best, but he definitely said it the best.

Cursive – “From the Hips” [MP3]

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