[MP3 + Video] Bear Hands: "What A Drag"

Summer seems like so long ago now doesn’t it? Remember Bear Hands, the guys we were pleasantly surprised with musically at the Siren Festival? Well, they’ve just released a video and free mp3 for their single “What A Drag” which has been floating around for quite some time but is now officially out with a 7” to boot.

“What A Drag” is one hell of a fun song and immediately catchy with its synth and keys backing. The video is equally fun, yet also a big ol’ “wtf?” Like, why are they throwing hay at women who look like they should be from the 1800s? Also, those women are NOT running fast enough if they’re trying to catch up to the truck. And why, once the guys sit down together in whatever hay ride they’re on, do we get equal parts Lost and Battlestar Galactica? At least that’s what I’m feeling. But I’m also feeling good. Because it’s a playful and intriguing video to watch all the same.

Bear Hands – “What A Drag” [MP3]

Bear Hands // “What A Drag” from Cantora Records on Vimeo.

2 comments to [MP3 + Video] Bear Hands: “What A Drag”

  • liz

    lee, this is hilarious, those girls are not running fast enough, hahahaha. ok, in all seriousness, bear hands are great. excellent album. hurray!

    Lee Reply:

    😛 thanks liz