[MP3] Lucy Schwartz: "Help Me! Help Me!"

Lucy Schwartz is set to drop a new EP, Help Me! Help Me!, on January 26 with her record release show the next night at the Hotel Café (in Los Angeles). In anticipation of the EP and an upcoming video, she is releasing the title track, “Help Me! Help Me!” for free download! Yippee! I don’t usually use the word “yippee” but I’m listening to Schwartz’s music as I write this and I’m not sure what else would have properly described my associated emotions. It just goes with the music. I posted her song “I Don’t Know A Thing” back in May and since then hadn’t heard much from the Schwartz camp, until now. Last time the piano tendencies came to the forefront, but “Help Me! Help Me!” shows off a strong horn section, so we know there’s some multi-instrument stuff going here, and I’m okay with that.

How to delve into Schwartz’s music? Hmm. Standing in a ballroom, waiting for your date. Still waiting. You’re better than this. You’re spunky. You got pizazz. It’s time for you to branch out on your own. Damn straight. You know, it’s weird because Schwartz’s titles imply the opposite, oftentimes with negative connotations, yet when you fully listen in you can hear a faint sense of enthusiasm as the songs proceed forward into a realm of conviction.

Lucy Schwartz – “Help Me! Help Me!” [MP3]

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  • Love you, Lucy!

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  • dave

    i really like this track. Lucy Schwartz reminds me a little bit of Regina Spektor, but she has her own sound too. Enjoy!