MP3s from the now defunct Europe in Colour

Our friend Alt Altman (aka Digits, the electronic indie pop artist) sent over a few tunes last week of a band he was previously in, titled Europe in Colour, from 2005-2009. They were based in Toronto and released one self-titled EP in 2007. Unfortunately they recently broke up, so we won’t get a chance to hear any new material. However, Altman and crew just want to get their songs out there and into the blogosphere – they don’t want their hard work going unnoticed, which makes sense, right?

Europe in Colour’s sound is akin to Digits, with a heavily electronic tendency. However, the lead singer is female here – she has an ultra smooth voice complementing the wandering background rather nicely.

Europe in Colour – “Satellite” [MP3]

Europe in Colour – “Cold Reaction” [MP3]

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