In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


This was a VERY busy week for us. So I guess if you don’t like to read I’d understand if you missed it. But that’s one sorry excuse. A better one would be “Ugh, I couldn’t get to all of Knox Road this week because I printed and analyzed every post to get the most information possible!! And I’m only on the fourth Monday post!” Well, don’t you worry, we got you covered. Here’s what went down at KR. (Jamie was the man and took photos for each Siren performance.) [image from here]

Prepare yourself for our thoughts on the Siren Music Festival.

Siren Review (Jon): Built To Spill, full of vet stage presence.
Siren Review (Jon): Monotonix, with crowd-surfing bass drums.
Siren Review (Jamie): Spank Rock, a dance party.
New MP3 from Bad Veins – catchy synth pop.
Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys has cancer. All tour dates canceled, album release delayed. Get well soon.
Siren Review (Jon): The Blue Van, the next big thing.

Album Review Tuesday (Jamie): The Fiery Furnaces go simple on the solid I’m Going Away.
Siren Review (Lee): Frightened Rabbit, a musical orgasm.
Siren Review (Lee): The Raveonettes, cool, calm, collected, good.
Siren Review (Jon): Micachu and The Shapes, musically unconventional.
Album Review Tuesday (Jon): Forest Fire’s Survival = folksy foot-tapping catchiness.
Siren Review (Jon): Japandroids, two guys smacking the shit out of their instruments.
Siren Review (Jamie): Thee Oh Sees, where nothing is safe from John Dwyer’s mouth.

Siren Review (Jamie): Grand Duchy, not all that grand, but definitely “cool”.
Gets the Girl get simple acoustic piano pop.
Siren Review (Lee): A Place To Bury Strangers, where bad happens.
Siren Review (Jamie): Future of the Left, where angst and mosh pits happen.
New Yo La Tengo MP3, “Here To Fall”, adds to promising outlook of new record.

Siren Review (Lee): Tiny Masters of Today, punk rockers or Napoleon Dynamite kiddies?
Siren Review (Lee): Bear Hands, good listening, watching could be better.
Jamie’s mad at the new Alice In Wonderland trailer for its dullness.

Keep an eye on San Fransisco’s Collider.
Flight Of The Conchords readies audiences for second album.

Wheat’s “Changes Is” has a fun music video.

*Pick of the Week*
Song, by Toad: “Things Which Are Pissing Me Off Today”. Basically, you do not want to piss off Toad. A humorous (albeit at the expense of Toad’s anger) read, with good tunes too.

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