[Keep an eye on…] Collider


San Fransisco’s Collider released their debut album Down In Saturines at the beginning of the year and have since been working on promotion for their garagey pop style of music. To get a feel for how they like to describe themselves and their sound, check out their influences section on MySpace:

Named after large particle accelerators, Collider’s music revels in both the bombastic beauty of energy and more subtle moments of delicacy, like particle patterns moments before collision.

Such a description is majorly intriguing, evoking thoughts of our deepest and most hidden vulnerabilities. Collider brings those out as they play, with tunes that imply an imminent “moment” – something so dramatic that we’re ready to piss ourselves in paranoia. The suddenness of it all is scary – the songs float, twist, and turn, readying their way for the metaphorical ultimate demise. And right when we think we can stop the downfall, the music pushes further ahead and carries us in its current.

Collider – “Drop Out And Off” [MP3]

Download the rest of Down In Saturines for free here.

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