Future of the Left @ Siren


Raging forth from the stage like the Kraken from the sea (1981’s Clash of the Titans anyone?) was the furious sound of Future of the Left. Playing by far the most angst-ridden set all day, the three boys from Wales delivered tight, crunching guitar rock made complete with roaring screams and head thrashing (the latter performed primarily and constantly by bassist Kelson Mathias).

While Spank Rock forced the crowd into a dance party and Monotonix created a mob scene, Future of the Left invoked an equally energetic, albeit angsty, audience. When the band hit the climax of “Arming Eritrea,” the single from their latest Travels With Myself And Another, fans in the crowd formed a Siren rarity– a mosh pit.

While not the most spectacular show of the day (come on, it’s hard to match a dude riding a bass drum being held up by the crowd), Future of the Left certainly offered the heaviest and the screamiest. And even if it left many Frightened Rabbit fans crossing their arms with disdain, the set was a great chance for others of us to let off some steam.

Future of the Left – “Arming Eritrea” [MP3]

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[All photos by James B. Hale/Knox Road from Siren Music Festival]

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