Micachu & the Shapes @ Siren


At some point during Micachu & the Shapes‘ set, Lee described them to me as music made up of weird, disjointed parts that somehow come together. (That’s paraphrased. I didn’t take notes on his notes, gosh.)

But I’d have to agree. There’s nothing musically conventional about Micachu. Besides the made up guitar chords (see: “Vulture”) and fits of noise (see: “Golden Phone”) there’s bandleader Mica Levi’s curiously androgynous voice, and it all somehow fits together like a jigsaw puzzle made out of cardboard and human appendages. The parts are very different but they come together, you see. I hope I’m not getting too abstract here.

The band’s set was pretty faithful to its recorded output, and all noises, normal and weird, were accounted for. Otherwise, really, there wasn’t terribly much going on. The band members weren’t statues on stage, but there weren’t any crazy antics or anything. They were, however, smiling and trading happy looks throughout the set. Always good to see a band musically on and having fun at the same time, even if the stage presence itself did lag at points.

Micachu & the Shapes – “Lips” [MP3]

Micachu & the Shapes – “Calculator” [MP3]

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[All photos by James B. Hale/Knox Road from Siren Music Festival]

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