Flight of the Conchords is still freaky, not Australian


New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk-parody duo, Flight of the Conchords, have just released the art and track list for their second album, I Told you I was Freaky, which is set to come out October 20. It’s made up predominately of songs from the second season of the show, which is pretty much expected. There are some gems, though, like the rap-tastic “Hurt Feelings” and legitimate awesome song “Carol Brown.”

So, wouldn’t that cover just look awesome on a shirt? I’d wear it, and get all the ladies. They’d see me and ask, “Jon?” And I’d simply reply “present” and walk away. Meeting adjourned, girls. Anyway, songs:

01 “Hurt Feelings”
02 “Sugalumps”
03 “We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady”
04 “I Told You I Was Freaky”
05 “Demon Woman”
06 “Rambling Through the Avenues of Time”
07 “Fashion Is Danger”
08 “Petrov, Yelyena and Me”
09 “Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)”
10 “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute”
11 “Friends”
12 “Carol Brown”
13 “Angels”  [via Stereogum]

Here’s an old, old version of “Petrov, Yelyena and Me.” And the studio version of “Leggy Blonde.” What’s that you say? Two MP3s? This is the best Friday ever!

Flight of the Conchords – “Petrov, Yelyena and Me” [MP3] (from Folk the World Tour)

Flight of the Conchords – “Leggy Blonde” [MP3] (from Flight of the Conchords)

Flight of the Conchords on MySpace

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