In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

Trying to get things back in order here lately as we’re all up to no good outside the blog. (Like, um, moving, looking for jobs, getting sick, and lots of other crazy party animal type shenanigans!) Thanks for sticking around, hopefully you caught some enjoyable music this week while finally cooling off with the weather (that’s basically only related to the Northeast U.S., but maybe things have been good for you too??). [image via]

Like Pioneers

[MP3] Elsinore: “Lines”
[MP3] S. Carey: “In The Stream”

Maur Due & Lichter
[Stream] Kanye West feat. Beyonce & Uncle Charlie Wilson: “See Me Now”


Dabbles In Bloom
[Abby’s Road] Shopgirl Evolution

Phenomenal Video Saturday: The Swell Season covers Neutral Milk Hotel

*Pick of the Week*
Citizen Dick: “I will be there when you Lazy Saturday” Brian gives us another in Citizen Dick’s strong line of Lazy Saturday features, with the eloquent writing and excellent taste we’ve come to expect from those CD fellas.

*MP3 of the Week*
No Age – “Glitter” [MP3] Everything In Between, the band’s forthcoming full-length, is due September 28 via Subpop.

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  • Aaron

    Hey, LEE

    Some good ol’ easy-listening tracks will get you guys back on track easily 😉 I highly reccomend Joe Gilder – full of summer breezes and lazy-saturdays drinking ice tea

    Check him out at, he gives away three fresh sumemr tracks