Dabbles In Bloom

Dabbles In Bloom are a super young band, and it shows through their music, but only in the best of ways. They’re a group of musicians out of Washington (state) who define “cute” indie pop, with jangly instrumentation and back and forth male-female vocals. Perfectly suited for kids’ commercials or a cut of any Michael Cera movie, Dabbles In Bloom are certainly embarking on a journey toward the top of indie stardom.

A little added maturity in the music can’t hurt in the future, but these folks thrive off their youthful exuberance, as is apparent from their recently released debut album, Found It. (Not to mention their website photos.) Check out a couple of the songs below, then consider purchasing Found It on iTunes.

Dabbles In Bloom – “Greetings” [MP3]

Dabbles In Bloom – “I Stepped Down” [MP3]

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