Like Pioneers

Let’s call it friends re-introducing themselves to the idea of making music together.

Chicago’s Like Pioneers are set to physically release their debut album, Piecemeal, August 17, and it’s all sorts of awesome. Like Pioneers are six friends from various now-defunct groups who decided they just wanted to have some fun and play music together. And what a decision that was! Piecemeal is a breath of fresh air for the indie pop scene. Jubilant keys, guitars and harmonies galore, Like Pioneers are kicking it old school – collective style. (You know I can never get enough of this kind of music.)

Lead single “English Garden” provides a quick taste of the light and fluffy album as a whole, with a limber progression and grin-inducing verses. Also check out the first track, “Some People”, below.

Like Pioneers – “English Garden” [MP3]

Like Pioneers – “Some People” [MP3]

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