New eskimeaux

Welcome back, me! Sorry I’ve been gone a while on *gulp* “real-life” work.

I hate doing this (repeating earlier posts), but I feel I have no other option in this situation, as I’ve learned little else from eskimeaux. Except that Gabby and I have kept up a friendly email correspondence, even if I learn nothing! From my previous eskimeaux profile, which certainly pertains to her new material:

Welcome eskimeaux, aka Gabby Smith, to our lineup of newmystery acts. Her email contained a link to her album, I Am A Spiral, and basically nothing else. Seriously. I could have explored more in depth and provided you with some background, but oftentimes intrigue catches our ears the most.

The music has a Dorothy in Kansas magical feel to it. Ukulele and hushed vocals take the reigns on nearly every song, as Smith effortlessly lulls us into her fantastical (yet profoundly sad) world.

Smith’s newest album, Two Mountains (released March 1), has some stronger production qualities to it, but is still raw in sound and emotion. Check it out below and pick it up for free on Bandcamp.

eskimeaux – “For Power Animal” [MP3]

eskimeaux – “Two Mountains” [MP3]

[Cover art by Rebecca Cohen]

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