New mystery band: Canoodle

Apparently the mystery band thing is still in full swing as we received another email with very little information and some nice tunes late last night. Here’s what their “unofficial” self-written bio said:

Three dudes. In a band. Highly unoriginal. But from modest bedroom recordings in Harlem sprung two voice boxes, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar, shakers, handclaps, and the occasional overflowing conversation. It’s rawer than sushi, realer than more real, and mellower than marshmallows.

Okay. Ringing endorsement? Not so much. But in a way, that’s more intriguing. After hearing the tunes from their debut EP, released today, I’m inclined to think they have a bright future ahead of them. The bio describes them well; it’s cutesy, bare-bones electro-acoustic pop. Pick up the EP for whatever you wish to pay (free or otherwise) here.

Canoodle – “Say Say” [MP3]

Canoodle – “Pourquoi?” [MP3]

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