Antiqcool: Another awesome mystery band


Continuing the growing Knox Road trend of featuring artists who provide little to no information about themselves (see: Hello, Broken Arrow and Manet,) I present to you Antiqcool, from just outside Chester, England. As far as I can tell (and have been told,) Antiqcool is the project of Pete Smith and various friends. When I asked Smith for more information, this is mostly what he had to say:

We are a mysterious bunch, the limelight is our kryptonite which clearly makes life difficult for people who want to write about us.

Difficult, indeed, but kinda cool. Especially when the music is good. If you like soft harmonies, acoustic guitar, and songs that lull you to sleep, you’ll be okay with Antiqcool. And sticking with Smith’s “kryptonite” theme, that’s all I’m going to say. You can find a previously released EP here.

Antiqcool – “Girl In A Room” [MP3]

Antiqcool – “Cold Embrace” [MP3]

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