[MP3] Balmorhea: "Bowsprit"

Wow, Balmorhea are making moves fast. I’ve certainly professed my love for them several times, including these couple posts, and they’ve just made available the first teaser off their new album, Constellations, for free download. The track is called “Bowsprit”, and oh my is it something else. It starts off ever so minimally, with blank space and sporadic acoustic guitar, which leads into joining strings and is then accompanied by added layers and slow driving percussion. The song finally becomes full about two thirds of the way through and doesn’t let up on it’s lush crescendo. Beautiful.

Balmorhea – “Bowsprit” [MP3]

Album – Constellations
Label – Western Vinyl
Release Date – February 23, 2010

Tracklist for Constellations:
1. To The Order of Night
2. Bowsprit
3. Winter Circle
4. Herons
5. Constellations
6. Steerage And The Lamp
7. Night Squall
8. On The Weight of Night
9. Palestrina

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