Balmorhea (bal-mor-ay)


I don’t know how we got sent this one but my are we lucky. Balmorhea, (pronounced bal-mor-ay) from Austin, is Rob Lowe (not that Rob Lowe) and Michael Muller, accompanied by Aisha Burns (violin), Travis Chapman (upright bass), Nicole Kern (cello), and Michael Bell (drums). Now seems like a good time to promote them as they share the same record label – Western Vinyl – with the up and coming Here We Go Magic (as well as J. Tillman), who have been extensively blogged about all over the web.

Balmorhea just released their newest full-length, All Is Wild, All Is Silent, with the title acting as a pretty fair indicator of the music. The band creates long, swooping journeys as a perfect backdrop to your imagination – they could easily compose a brilliant score for a film, but let’s not limit them to just that potential – they have a truly unique orchestral sound. KR is proud to provide an mp3 we received from Balmorhea, so go ahead and have a listen, and check out some of their other stuff via their MySpace. Oh, and of course, if you like the music, buy the album.

Also, by now you guys should know I’m a sucker for this type of music.

Balmorhea – Harm & Boon [MP3]

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  • Lee, we are meant to be friends. Balmorhea are great – the music is soo powerful. Definitely check out the River Arms album from last year as well. I usually don’t gravitate towards instrumental music, but this has the pull I can’t resist!

  • Lee

    Haha, thanks for the recommendation Sandy!