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You may remember Austin’s Balmorhea from a previous post several months ago. But with Smansmith graciously informing us of a remixed All Is Wild, All Is Silent, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to go into just how much I’ve grown to love the non-remixed All Is Wild, All Is Silent (you can find a similar sentiment on Heartache with Hard Work). I’ve been thinking about this for a while, as the album may very well top my year end list (at least top 10) and realizing that I’ve said nothing further re: Balmorhea on KR. While those who follow us on Twitter may see me hyping them from time to time (especially noticeable from my stats), I haven’t done enough of that business here.

Let’s take a peek back at how I previously described their music:

Balmorhea just released their newest full-length, All Is Wild, All Is Silent, with the title acting as a pretty fair indicator of the music. The band creates long, swooping journeys as a perfect backdrop to your imagination – they could easily compose a brilliant score for a film, but let’s not limit them to just that potential – they have a truly unique orchestral sound.

Those long, swooping journeys have not only taken me on countless daydreamy adventures, they have literally swept me off my feet. I feel an air of vertigo (the happy kind) when I turn on Balmorhea, as the music rushes to my head and my eyes are forced shut. The daze that follows is one of pure bliss, as the effervescent strings make my skin tingle, the keys get my blood flowing, and the interspersed percussion teases me into thinking I’ll become a bit more grounded, only to drop off when I least expect it. I may be speaking of an obscenely abstract impact, but that, my friends, is the effect that a great album should have.

Balmorhea – “Settler” [MP3]

Balmorhea – “Coahuila” [MP3]

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