Jhameel makes fun music. Out of Berkeley, it’s hard to classify the sound as, well, anything. In my book, that’s usually a good thing, as long as the sound flows. And in Jhameel’s case the music flows like a river with streams of life. (That’s from some random hymn I just found online. I can’t take credit for it. It seemed apropos with a lot of cheesiness.)

Jhameel plays all instruments himself and isn’t afraid to take on a modern indie pop persona, influenced by such artists as Jónsi, Phoenix, and MGMT. You’ll hear it in the three songs below, taken from his album The Human Condition, which you can download for free. Or be really kind and donate.

Jhameel – “Bernal Heights” [MP3]

Jhameel – “How Many Lovers” [MP3]

Jhameel – “The Human Condition” [MP3]

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