[MP3] Kori Pop: “Nowhere Near My Heart”

Canadian songstress Kori Pop (are you already skeptical? Don’t be! It’s her actual name…unless that makes you more skeptical), recently released her debut album, From The Outskirts, and is kindly providing her first single, “Nowhere Near My Heart”, for free download. She takes the standard singer/songwriter fare (piano, hand claps, you know the drill) and combines it with vocals and an arrangement outside the box as the song progresses. There’s also a key change within the first minute, which is pretty unexpected and sweet, and sort of symbolizes the song as a whole. Like…where did THAT just come from?? Which is cool. And even if it wasn’t, standard singer/songwriter fare is standard for a reason. It sounds good. Pop’s voice, well, rocks. (…Sorry.)

Kori Pop – “Nowhere Near My Heart” [MP3]

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  • Pedant alert: It’s ‘From the Outskirts’ isn’t it?

    Lee Reply:

    Don’t know why I missed that – thanks! Fixed.