Bullets in Madison’s new b-sides compilation

Just because I’ve been busy going to CMJ shows the past few days doesn’t require me to write about CMJ artists, nor does it allow me to ignore the blog because of CMJ-related activities. Did I mention CMJ?

I’ll shut up now. I know it’s the last thing most of you want to hear, and rightfully so.

BUT what you should want to hear is that Bullets in Madison, a band I profiled nearly a year ago, has released a b-sides compilation of songs from 2008-2010, and they are continually adding new ones. If you enjoy their “A” material, there’s no really no way you won’t enjoy the b-sides, appropriately titled Survivors. In case you forget, I still think what I wrote about them previously remains an apt description (considering this one is called Survivors, though, maybe I should make a LOST reference this time around. What’s with all the planes related to Bullets in Madison??):

Stealing from Up In The Air for a moment, if I were to place Bullets in Madison’s sound into my backpack, I’d have trouble moving; the weight would bring me down, and the songs would hold me in chains. But I wouldn’t plead with them. No, I’d let them control me, I’d let them play their games. In this situation, I’d be content with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Orchestral, sweeping, breathtaking; it’s that heavy kind of music, it’s that heavy kind of me.

Bullets in Madison – “I Want Lies” [MP3]

Bullets in Madison – “Afterglow” [MP3]

Bullets in Madison – “Incident 38” [MP3]

You can pick up the entire compilation for free (get it quickly! this wavers with the new rules) at Bandcamp.

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