In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

I fully moved into my new apartment in NYC, football season started, the hurricane that was, wasn’t, and we all remembered September 11. A busy week, yes, but the blogging must go on. Because I say so. [Photo via]

[MP3] The Smooth Maria: “Abandoned Town”

[MP3] Arran Arctic: “Interrupt Me”

[Abby’s Road] Micol Cazzell

Knox Road’s SFM mix for QRO Magazine (a LOT of mp3s)

*Pick of the Week*
A Heart Is A Spade: “Azure Ray Prize Pack” Is there really another option for a Pick of the Week? Matt’s new blog after the whole TMS debacle and an AZURE FREAKIN RAY prize pack.

*MP3 of the Week*
Marnie Stern – “Transparency is the New Mystery” [MP3] Stern’s new album (s/t) is due October 5 via Kill Rock Stars.

And I’m cheating. Sufjan belongs here too. Not sure how I feel about the song, though. Pretty tame effort.

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