[MP3] The Smooth Maria: “Abandoned Town”

Matt Kanelos and his motley crew of musicians who make not so motley music are at it again! The Smooth Maria will be releasing a new, home recorded EP, titled Paper Thin, with a record release show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on October 8. Also, for you D.C. folks still among us, Matt’s playing a solo show at The Red and The Black this Saturday, September 11.

The first taste of Paper Thin comes in the form of “Abandoned Town”: a sweet tune, which, for the first half, sounds just like The Smooth Maria material of the past. However, as the song digs deeper in, the band ventures into a more alternative rootsy sound (albeit ever so slightly).

The Smooth Maria – “Abandoned Town” [MP3]

[Photo by Brian Murray]

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