Hip Hatchet

It’s been a while since I’ve given you some good folk pop, hasn’t it? I mean, I recently posted about Arran Arctic’s new single, “The Door”, but he changed his direction slightly with that song so it wasn’t fully soft folk anymore. Well, here’s to hoping Hip Hatchet, out of Middlebury, Vermont, (which surprised me – they definitely have a European/Canadian folk vibe) fills that void. The group is led by Philippe Bronchtein, who’s joined by a variety of different friends.

Hip Hatchet recently released a new album, Men Who Share My Name, with heartwarming, piano-driven ballads evoking memories past. The most impressive part about the sound is something we often tend to overlook: the instruments remain sparse – while there are several on display, they only make sporadic contributions to the sound, saving us from anything superfluous. Bronchtein’s raspy baritone takes the reigns on vocals, but harmonies come from various members, and when female vocalist Amelia complements, we hear some gorgeous chemistry between the two.

Hip Hatchet – “Wild Plant” [MP3]

Hip Hatchet – “Warm and Alone” [MP3]

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6 comments to Hip Hatchet

  • This sounds so up my alley, it’s scary… and yet I only almost like it.

    I think it’s the vocals, they don’t quite do it for me. I’ve only listened to these two tracks though… will visit bandcamp before I draw my final conclusions!

    Lee Reply:

    Well these were my favorite tracks so if you got a problem with ’em then you got a problem with me!

    Lee Reply:

    just kidding, Agnes, you still rock

  • Ha! Phew.

    (apparently this comment was too short, so I’ve come back to add these words in the hope that the powers that be decide that my comment is in fact admissible after all!)

    Lee Reply:

    hmm weird…i’ll try to check that out

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