Electric Tickle Machine's Blew It Again to finally see wide release on June 29

Electric Tickle Machine powered themselves onto the indie pop scene pretty strong last year, as their debut album, Blew It Again, was a breath of fresh air for a lot of people who just needed a jubilant sound (and sexual innuendos / not really innuendos at all) to jump start their days.  Blew It Again initially was released on limited vinyl in October (2009), but the album will finally see wide release on June 29 on the band’s own label, Science Diction. Check their website (NSFW) for Blew It Again‘s availability. I’d provide the cover art above as we normally do when we post about albums, but uh, nudity is involved, and that’s not exactly the first thing we want people seeing when they visit Knox Road. So have a peek at the crew themselves, and download the catchy and bouncy lead single, “Part of Me”. This Manhattan East Village foursome is on the up and up.

Electric Tickle Machine – “Part of Me” [MP3]

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