[MP3] Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio: "Digital Killed the Record Store"

In honor of the return of the DC Record Fair tomorrow next Sunday (May 23) at the Black Cat (Noon – 6 pm, check out The Vinyl District for more info), I present to you this song. It was written to lament exactly what the title implies, and the lyrics discuss how record stores make for such great memories. The track was meant for the original Record Store Day a couple weeks ago (April 17), but better late than never, right? It’s also a pretty decent song in and of itself, heavily synth-based and hearkening back to the days when the record store was indeed more popular.

Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio – “Digital Killed the Record Store” [MP3]

Also, since we’re on the topic of Mr. McGlynn, he was asked to score a four minute short for the video below (for dwell.com and filmmaker Gary Nadeau) about the unique home of husband-and-wife architecture team Yoshiko Sato and Michael Morris. It’s an intriguing watch and McGlynn’s classical piano sets the cinematic mood. File in “semi-random”.

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