Andrew W.K. releases the song that got him a restraining order

If that title didn’t catch your interest, I’m willing to bet you’re a zombie.

When noted party-hard-fellow Andrew W.K. was 17, he wrote a song about a girl he was more or less obsessed with in high school. He turned in the song as part of his final project senior year, and most people who heard it freaked the hell out (rightfully). He was recommended for counseling and the like, which was embarrassing enough, but then the girl in question got her hands on the song. Hilarity ensued. By hilarity, I mean a juvenile restraining order.

Now, he’s decided to release the song to the public, I guess as a way to put the entire issue to rest forever. And, well, I get that the song’s subject matter is pretty creepy, but… the song is kind of good. You can hear the passion he puts into it, as stalker-ish as that passion might be, and the minimalistic atmosphere helps the track brood along for three minutes. Just make sure to give it a chance past the near-spoken-word travesty that is the first 15 seconds.

In other words, have an MP3! Yay!

Andrew W.K. – “My Destiny” [MP3]

2 comments to Andrew W.K. releases the song that got him a restraining order

  • “harm is what youll feel if you dont open the door”…YIKES!!! I must admit, the song is kinda good!

    Jon Reply:

    Glad you enjoy it. I’ve actually listened to it a bunch of times. The part starting at 1:40 or so, where he really gets into it, is a really arresting moment.