New iPhone 3GS commercial: The Boy Least Likely To's "Stringing Up Conkers"

The iProducts pulled a fast one on us this time. For their latest commercial, “On Hold”, they’ve incorporated the typical cutesy pop music we’re used to from Apple ads…but something’s amiss. There are no vocals!! Instead we hear a hand clapping, acoustic, bells-y background courtesy of The Boy Least Likely To‘s song “Stringing Up Conkers” (thanks, Taylor and Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good, for the heads up!). It’s not a dancey-bo-bancey tune like Miss Li’s “Bourgeois Shangri-La” from the iPod nano commercial, but it evokes the smiles just fine.

I mean, how do they find THE cutest (and potentially most annoying) songs on the planet for literally every ad? Apple music supervisors: Making the most desirable commercials for kitten-lovers all over the world.

The Boy Least Likely To – “Stringing Up Conkers” [MP3] (from The Law of the Playground. Shocker.)

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