New iPod Nano commercial: Miss Li's "Bourgeois Shangri-La"

You’ve seen the new iPod Nano commercial that shows off its video capability and features another adorable unknown artist (where does Apple find them??). So now you’re wondering what the song is. I know I got a text requesting it yesterday evening. Everybody’s dying to know, you guys! It’s “Bourgeois Shangri-La” by Swedish indie pop singer Miss Li. Oh, HER. I totally should have guessed that would be the next iPod ad song. Now you can tell all your friends and be cool. I know I will!

Miss Li – “Bourgeois Shangri-La” [MP3]

49 comments to New iPod Nano commercial: Miss Li’s “Bourgeois Shangri-La”

  • Awesome, thanks! I love that song.

    Joe Reply:

    That commericial is so cool, I love watching that, it goes perfect with that song too. Everything in that video from watching them dance to the woman blowing the kiss at the end is perfect.

  • This was too adorable!!I enjoyed the song, and can’t wait to find it on CD to play for my husband. He is going to be helicopter pilot of for the Army, and it would be a nice surprise!!


  • James

    The intro sounds like a total rip of Gary Lewis and the Playboys’ Count Me In.

    ken Reply:

    Thought the same thing

    Julie Reply:

    same here. i actually saw Gary perform a free concert in the park 2 yrs ago. pretty funny, but some good 60s pop music.

    Galoux Reply:

    I’m glad it isn’t just me. As soon as I heard the opening notes, I said to myself, “What? They’re reviving that?” Er. No.

    Why? Reply:

    You are completely correct. The crux of “Bourgeois Shangri-La” is based on that progression. Miss Li totally stole it. It’s way too unique for this to be a coincidence. While I like the moxy of this song, I’m bummed that it was not an original idea. Oh, well. The new generation won’t know the difference…

  • paul

    man i would assfuck that girl in the red

    Why? Reply:

    Why? Because she’s blonde? That’s gotta be it because she was on the screen for 1.5 seconds…tops. 😛

  • Richard

    I love it, I love it, Love it, Love it. Gotta be her boy!

    Steve Reply:

    Totally. I don’t care about the song, but every time this commercial comes on, I look forward to watching her shake her little thing.

  • Tim

    man i would assfuck that boy in the yellow

    Chase Reply:

    Richard… Youre right. Id assfuck the yellow boy too! 😉

    Paris Reply:

    Stupid fuckin’ queers. Disgusting.

    Dylan Reply:

    Shut the fuck up you homophobic piece of shit.

    Michael B Reply:

    Funny how many homophobes turn out to be closet cases.

  • Stasy

    Thanks that song is awsome

    The guy in grey got moves!

  • josh

    doesnt it sound like jack white from the white stripes is singing part of it?

    cat Reply:

    or like the lead singer from the Sounds.

    trevor Reply:

    kinda reminds me of Elliot Smith in the beginning.

  • Dylan

    Bahahaha. Please tell me someone sees the irony in using a song that mocks shallow consumerism to sell an iPod.

    Anon Reply:

    I actually listened to the full song and the lyrics today, and thought that exact same thing. I googled “bourgeois shangri la ironic for ipod commercial” and your post came up. I felt a need to comment.

  • joewhiteman

    lmao hahaha i was thinking the same thing about that chick in red

  • louie

    the very last chick in blue is so hot! the only reason to watch this ad!

    addict Reply:

    i totally agree!!
    i’m trying to find out who she is!

    adamzon Reply:

    I know who she is- she’s in a band called: United By Sound. She’s actually a dope singer and has pink hair in real life.

  • S. Luggo

    The visuals fooled me into thinking that there were at least 3 singers. Miss Li can certainly has range and can add a lot color to her voice.

    Dylan, I would like have heard the clip end with “and a baby’s arm holding an apple.”(“What do want from life?” — The Tubes.)

    Oh yeah, I liked the song. And the girls are ‘muy guapa’, also.

  • bribios

    Red chick reminds me of chloe deschanel, however you spell her name. I’m all about the purple chick in the silver beret, the girl looks like she’s got some awesome curves. Blue chick at the end is cute as hell.

  • suse

    Sounds a bit like Fleming McWilliams of Fleming & John.

    Jill Reply:

    I thought so, too! That’s why I was searching to find out who it is. I don’t know too many other people who have heard of Fleming & John!

    Hermes Reply:

    I was thinking the same thing! 😉

    J Reply:

    I thought the same too! I was hoping it was her, but it’s all good. Still, not many people have heard of them and it would have been great for Apple to actually use their songs. :)

    allison Reply:

    that little “ahhh!” part at the end sounds JUST like fleming’s voice! i just searched “fleming mcwilliams” and “ipod” because i was convinced it was her. it’s neat to hear that other people recognized it and thought the same thing…too bad it wasn’t really her! i’m happy though, because it reminded me of them and i dug up a bunch of my favorite songs from them…all the way back to “delusions of grandeur”…what an incredible band. :)

  • Steve

    Anyone know the name of the girl in the red? I love watching her shake her little tail!

  • music(love)=addict

    omg thanx sooo much. i love this song

  • Scott

    I must be in the minority because that song grates on me to end. I look to change the channel every time I hear it.

  • Robbie

    who is that girl in the yellow? shes fuckin georgeous!!!:) i wanna know whats her name

  • Bob

    Ah yes, more Swedish B.S. ripping American Culture, when their own has giving the world Zippers, Dynamite, and massively high levels of depression and suicide. I’ll tell you what, I will take B.B.Q.s and drinking beer with the neighbors, and you keep turning out these little ditties telling us how superior your point of view is. Enjoy your Rykrisp, my ribs are almost done.

  • Max

    Well said Bob. Hear, hear.

    Btw, the assfuck portion of this thread was utterly fucking priceless. I was having a downer day and that made me laugh out loud.

  • Anthony

    I concur about the blond girl in the red outfit. I rewind that commercial constantly to watch her hop around. She is so damn sexy. Got to admit though not one thought of ass fucking her popped into my head lol.

  • Anthony

    Oh and I love the song and the Nano. I may get one even though I already have a touch.

  • Symone`

    Love the song! Great commercial. Makes me wanna go buy one! :)

  • josh

    does anybody no the name of the stunning blonde girl in the yellow shirt?

  • Ellen

    ahh i love these commercials 😀

  • kelsoooo


  • Novagoal

    This “video” for Miss Li’s song is even better than the iPod-Spot! Awesome cover version! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • rachel

    omg i love yellow guy sooooooooooooooo hot he looks like the guy in 10 things i hate about you the tv show

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