[MP3] Freelance Whales: “Rise & Shine” (new, live at WOXY)

THE hot new media/blog darlings, Freelance Whales, stepped into the WOXY studios for a live session in December and laid down a new track, called “Rise & Shine”, which is much folksier than their previous tight, electronic material. And while I love what I’ve heard so far of the older stuff (how am I calling it “older” – they’re so NEW!) “Rise & Shine” shows the band can craft more than their typical (albeit complex) electronic pop. Check it out below!

Freelance Whales – “Rise & Shine” (live at WOXY) [MP3]

As a reminder for those unfamiliar (though you shouldn’t be at this point), I chose Freelance Whales as my pick of the week on our radio show back in October (sorry you can’t download it anymore!). Suffice it to say, I’m very happy they’ve been getting the press they deserve :).

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