Jónsi is going to release the best solo album ever ever ever ever


So it’s not particularly new news that Jónsi (aka that guy with the high voice from Sigur Ros) will be releasing his first solo album, called Go, on March 22, 2010. What is new is the fact that when you hear it you’ll double over crying and your tears will be sticks of licorice which will taste like the poop of angels and then Philip Seymour Hoffman will be there too and he’ll give you a piece of pepperoni pizza and a Segway and you’ll talk about Animal Collective while playing patty-cake on a cloud. Basically.

According to manager John Best:

Everything about this record has a seat of the pants feel about it, its wildly shifted focus, the way nothing (including the album itself) had a title til about an hour before the news hit the blogs; the fact that as I type I still have no idea what is going to be on the cover; or that, even though Jonsi is currently on a plane to New York to master the record we’ve no clear idea of what order the songs are going to appear in, or even, in some cases, which versions of songs are going to be used. It’s edge of the seat, it’s exciting, it’s infectious. I think we are beginning to sense that maybe Jonsi has created something super special here. More than that in fact, I think he has created something really special here. I’m not sure I’ve felt this excited about a project since the time I first heard Agaetis Byrjun, right back in 1999. Holy fuck. Are you ready?

In related news, John Best was arrested by the hyperbole police earlier today (zing!).

Jónsi – “Boy Lilikoi” [MP3]

N.B. This song really is great, though. John Best, I’m trusting you on this one…

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