Themselves out-creep damn near everyone on their video for “Roman is as Roman Does”

Over the past week or so, we’ve gotten two really strange videos: Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able,” and The Most Serene Republic’s “Heavens to Purgatory.”

Well, Themselves must have seen those two videos and were all “screw that noise” and went to work on the weirdest video (featuring cupcakes) EVER. Like, I can’t even explain what goes on, or the techniques used to accomplish what the band does here. It’s this really odd combination of clay and real people and mouths chewing cupcakes, and it’s freaky. But at least they look tasty! Except for the disembodied head one.

Oh, and the song’s good, too.

And, for your enjoyment, “You Ain’t It,” from the band’s third album CrownsDown, which came out 10/27.

Themselves – “You Ain’t It” [MP3]

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