[MP3] Stricken City: “Small Things”

Stricken City

Stricken City‘s newest album, Songs About People I Know, dropped today on The Kora Records, and while I have not heard the entire album yet, the preview tracks provide plenty of incentive to do so. So I’m paying it forward and giving you guys the opportunity to hear from this London quartet in the hopes that you may indeed check out the full album.

Rebekah Raa’s vocals are raw and uninhibited, and the jumpy, frenetic backing sound give us one hell of a caffeine tune. A heavily electronic influence meshes with harder rock on “Small Things”, and for a band I didn’t expect to enjoy upon first listen, I’m coming around rather quickly. Hopefully you do the same; if not, I apologize. But, hey! That’s what previews are for, right? Yes, Lee, right-o. Just give us music we’re used to, okay? Oh, come on guys. I can’t please everyone!

I’m having a conversation with myself again. *Hides behind computer screen*…But that’s the way you all know me anyway. Hmm.

Stricken City – “Small Things” [MP3]

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[photo by Dan Wilton | Sup Magazine]

2 comments to [MP3] Stricken City: “Small Things”

  • abby

    yeah that’s nice and all. meanwhile…need i remind you of something else that dropped on 11/03 as well?? come on man, get it together. you didn’t listen to it, did you? grr.

    Lee Reply:

    I feel like there are several things you could be referring to…and now I feel like a fool. Enlighten me Abby! Morrissey’s comp?