Cool Things: Wax Tailor releases single that plays as CD and vinyl

wax tailor cd vinyl

People have been all into the vinyl resurgence lately, creating a cool, hipster collection of records that are more cumbersome to play than CDs. What a conundrum! Well thank god French rapper Wax Tailor is around to solve this age-old problem. His latest single, “Say Yes” (previously posted on KR), will be released on the aptly-named CD-Vinyl format that can be played both in CD players and on turntables. Cool! Technology is grand. The new-format single will only be released at Borders as a package of Tailor’s new album, In The Mood For Life. That’s stupid and annoying. Sold like that, the format is doomed. I get the feeling that if sold individually for an Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors single, it would become a hipster treasure. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just too much for people to handle.

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