[MP3/Video] Wax Tailor: “Say Yes”

We don’t talk about a lot of hip-hop here on KR, and that’s just a shame. Because sometimes songs like Wax Tailor’s “Say Yes” come around and they can slip through the cracks. So easy! Like when you drop your credit card down the little slot between the elevator and the elevator shaft (tragic!). But not this time. This time I give Wax Tailor his due respect (even though he’s French) because his new single is awesome. Mixing jazzy horns and a never-stop cadence, the track nods along beautifully. It’s everything I we you want in your hip-hop song. The song will be on In The Mood For Life, Tailor’s first full-length since 2005. It comes out in September.

Wax Tailor – “Say Yes” [MP3]

Also! The admittedly kind of cheesy video. He’s French, that means it’s ok (??)!

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