The American Dollar’s name couldn’t be any more fitting

The American Dollar

The American dollar is in a state of constant flux. It weaves its way in and out of the good and bad times, and we never really know what direction it’s going to take – whether it will swoon, dive or fly is anyone’s best guess. At times overwhelming and controlling, it also has the ability to assuage our greatest fears. While you’ve probably already picked up on the painfully obvious (and probably used several times over) metaphor, the band The American Dollar does much of the same.

Putting my two cents in on Jon’s post-rock hold on this blog, I present the Queens, NY duo, who find difficulty not gaining listeners of just about any genre, as they provide achingly beautiful, textured music that very much comes from the heart. Solely instrumental, The American Dollar can be played anytime, anywhere, and emotions will soar, perhaps frightening those ill-prepared, yet gradually comforting them with the mesmerizing intricacy of the sound. If you’re not one with an imagination, then I suggest you steer clear.

Fast-becoming one of my new favorites, you can purchase a plethora of The American Dollar’s material at their internet merch store (including discounts on packages, CDs, T-Shirts, what have you).

The American Dollar – “DEA” [MP3] (from The Technicolour Sleep)

The American Dollar – “Rudiments of a Spiritual Life” [MP3] (from The Technicolour Sleep)

The American Dollar – “Bump” [MP3] (from A Memory Stream)

The American Dollar on MySpace

2 comments to The American Dollar’s name couldn’t be any more fitting

  • Jon

    Naturally, “DEA” is my favorite song by this band. It’s so powerful. The Technicolour Sleep is an awesome album.

    Lee Reply:

    DEA is my favorite as well. But they’re all so effing good.