[MP3] New Raveonettes: “Suicide”

raveonettes in and out of control

The Raveonettes are going to be releasing their new album, In and Out of Control, on October 6 on Vice, and they just LOVE leaking tracks. Which makes me just love them even more. To keep with the upbeat theme set by the previously leaked demos, “Last Dance” and “Boys Who Rape,” we now have “Suicide.” Strangely enough, the new track is more upbeat than the last two.

But what it also shows is a new sound for this album that rings consistent throughout our leaked songs. The duo in black and white tends to shake things up a bit with each new LP, and this one is no exception. In place of the lo-fi psychadelic stuff from Lust Lust Lust, we have a lo-fi, spacey, old-school pop thing that is just excellent in every sense of the word.

The Raveonettes – “Suicide” [MP3]

The Raveonettes – “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)” [MP3]

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