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Whew, almost missed getting one in for July. I know I haven’t done Mixeries every month, but I will *try* from now on. It’s fun for me and I hope it’s fun for you too. Per usual, an explanation:

For those who don’t know, this is iTunes Mixery part cinco. Here’s how it goes: I play iTunes on shuffle -> tell you which song comes up -> provide the mp3 and a tidbit -> continue until five songs and embarrassment are complete. See my previous “mixeries” at the bottom of the post. Again, nothing’s off-limits – I don’t “fix the mix”. Have a look into my life…

  1. The Fire Theft – “It’s Over” [MP3] (from The Fire Theft). Whoa, how appropriate. Sunny Day Real Estate’s got a reunion tour coming up, and you can bet yourself I’m going (9:30 club in D.C. – thanks Emma). This song is just a bunch of distinct Jeremy Enigk vocals and a hard-hitting, distorted, guitared-up background.
  2. Colors In The Air – “Phetamine” (from On The Inside). Erm. This song started nicely with some hushed vocals. But hints of emo shone through, and then, well… Be careful with pop-punk. I can’t deny it’s a bit catchy here and there. Mark on the “embarrassing” side. This kind of music isn’t my cup of tea –  so I’m deciding not to post the MP3 (it was up momentarily – apologies to those looking for it here.)
  3. Amanda Rogers – “Daily News” [MP3] (from Daily News). A haunting, gorgeous piano-pop track from the sensational Rogers, who began playing shows when she was 15 years old.
  4. Bark Cat Bark – “Rieux-Minervois” [MP3] (from Bedroom Demos). Everything you need to know about Bark Cat Bark’s instrumental intricacies here.
  5. Cloud Cult – “Take Your Medicine” [MP3] (from The Meaning of 8). Cloud Cult is one of my favorite bands. This is one of my favorite Cloud Cult songs. You do the math. Take all the adjectives I use for different artist profiles and throw them all together for Cloud Cult and this tune in particular.

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