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Appropriate name much? The electroacoustic trio, Color of Clouds, hails from Brooklyn and were actually referred to me by KR friend and favorite, Ivana XL (thank you Ivana!) Fronted by the crisp vocals of Kelli Scarr, along with the backing duo of Dan Chen and Nate Greenberg, Color of Clouds brings us a bit of magic in every way possible.

You ever play Candyland as a kid? Well imagine you’ve been placed into that lovely world of Candyland (the good parts of course, where like, you get to move forward – I think that’s how it works?) and you need to choose some music to accompany your travels. The Postal Service? Maybe. Feist? Maybe. But what about a mix of the two? Ah, impossible you say! I say not. Color of Clouds would be my choice – and after listening to them, I think you’ll see why. Oh so sugary.

But on a more serious note, Color of Clouds’ songs are co-written by Scarr and Chen, and Chen just finished co-writing several tracks for Nicole Atkins’ next record on Columbia Records, and is producing & co-writing a new EP with Ivana XL. So they’ve certainly got talent on their hands. Also, one of my favorite tracks of theirs, “The Look,” was featured on One Tree Hill a couple weeks back. Anyone watch that show? (I’ll reserve judgment simply because they have great music.) Recognize the song? Apparently it was used for a solid three minutes – which is saying something.

Catch a few of Color of Clouds’ gorgeous electronic pop ditties here, and if you enjoy, go ahead and purchase their debut EP, The Look, which dropped three days ago (May 11,) on iTunes or Amazon.

Color of Clouds – “The Look” [MP3]

Color of Clouds – “The Wonder” [MP3]

Color of Clouds – “Left You” [MP3]

Color of Clouds on MySpace

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