CALLmeKAT, call me awestruck.

callmekatI wasn’t planning on posting tonight, but I was listening to my music, along came CALLmeKAT, and I couldn’t resist holding onto this gem any longer. CALLmeKAT is an absolutely breathtaking female singer/songwriter (with a host of different instruments to spare) from Denmark, whose EP, I’m In A Polaroid – Where Are You?, was released in June, and LP, Fall Down, in November – both in 2008.

Her music peers deep into your soul and finds your weakest emotions, forcing them to bare witness to its beauty, as if physicality means nothing. Particularly on “Bug in a Web”, her voice is spellbinding. Since I’m having trouble finding the right words, here’s how she describes her music:

kat is me.
so callmekat is me and my keyboards, laptop, vinyl birds and other stuff. sometimes more. sometimes less.
sometimes i’m joined by lovely guests.”

CALLmeKAT – “Bug in a Web” (mp3)

CALLmeKAT – “Flower in the Night” (mp3)

Buy the EP here.

Buy Fall Down here.

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