Suckers show promise but lack focus on Wild Smile

The much-anticipated debut full-length from Suckers is finally here, and man, I don’t know what I was expecting of the album after hearing a bit of their previous work. But that was my problem: I shouldn’t have been considering expectations – Wild Smile is all over the place, sticking to no one genre; […]

Mates of State announces "Summer Crushes" tour dates

Mates of State, the charming husband and wife duo from Kansas, are teaming up with up-and-coming bands Free Energy and Suckers along with comedians Todd Barry and Nick Thune for their “Summer Crushes 2010 Tour” in support of their forthcoming covers album, Crushes. And guess what? They have dates all over the country, […]

Suckers: It Gets Your Body Movin’ [MP3]

From Suckers, a group I’ve never heard of before, comes a delicious free download, “It Gets Your Body Movin’” off their recently released Suckers EP (April 14). You can purchase it on Amie Street for a grand total of $1.66 (until it inevitably goes up.)

This one gets me […]