Ivory Hours

Ivory Hours is led by brother-sister duo, Luke and Annie Roes. The Roes siblings devastatingly lost their brother a short time ago and decided to take their music together to new heights with a full four-piece band. The sweetness in these songs is underlined by a tinge of sadness, and expectedly so. The […]

Mannequins on 7th Street

Mannequins on 7th Street, based in London but originally from Belgium, makes perfect rainy day music. Looking for the next Zero 7, but in male form? Well, the Mannequins duo is delivering similar blissed out electronic music and you’d be remiss not to keep track of their promising future.


Peggy Sue: “Idle”

Tragic events have afflicted my hometown this past week, one hitting closer to me personally, but both just as heartbreaking.

It’s the small things in life that we don’t pay any attention to until it’s too late, and often not even then, that help us become whole. We all work. We all look for […]

THUMPERS: “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)”

I haven’t really been posting about “popular” indie music lately, but it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. So I figured I’d take a break from my recent experimental folk pop and provide a danceable new tune from THUMPERS, a duo from London. They’re expected to release their debut full length in early […]

Monument Valley: “Walking Home”

“Walking Home” is the second single off the debut Monument Valley LP. The smooth vocals and harmonies melt me.

Listen to the first single, “When I Go Clear.”

Monument Valley on the web | Facebook | Knox […]

Tunng: “The Village”

New Tunng? Yes, please. You know I am affectionate toward the London crew, and their new song, “The Village,” does little to alter that. The song is 4 minutes 33 seconds, and I’ve listened to it 5 times in the last 22 minutes and 45 seconds. Math!

“The Village” is the new single […]

Emil Lager

What happened to plain old acoustic guitar singer/songwriterin’ on music blogs? We’re always looking for the next “big” thing, but sometimes the best answer sits right in our backyard. It’s music that I can turn on any time of the day and smile to. London’s Emil Lager provides just that.

Emil […]

[MP3] Dan Leno: “The World I Heard You Wait”

We formed in 2010 and set out to write some great pop songs together.

A mischievous smirk breaks out every time I listen to “The World I Heard You Wait,” recognizing full well the gem of a song I’ve stumbled upon while still not entirely grasping its impact. As soon as I’m about […]

The Murder Barn

I definitely needed a fiesty voice and intensely impassioned songs to wake me up during this drab and rainy week. Thanks to London’s six-piece The Murder Barn for giving me the spark I need to get to the weekend. Wait for the songs to pick up; they get pretty dark and awesome.

The […]

Monument Valley

You’ve been dead six years now, love, sometimes it feels like more. And I am old. I am old.

Monument Valley – “Dear John Letters” [MP3]

Monument Valley – Round and Round by Partisan PR

Monument Valley‘s debut release is the Tongues EP, due December 5 via Tritone/PIAS UK […]