Colorful Electricity: The Naked and Famous


In 2011, New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous released their synth-pop debut Passive Me, Aggressive You; which included the sugary electro-pop anthem “Young Blood,” which hit the radio like a runaway train carrying a cargo of starburst choruses, metallic synths, and soaring vocals. With comparisons to early MGMT floating around the blogosphere (which wasn’t fair, if you ask me), The Naked and Famous established themselves, rather quickly, as the electro-pop outfit you’d expect to hear on video game soundtracks and cable TV.

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Then something happened: Thom Powers (vocals/guitar) and Alisa Xayalith (vocals/keyboard), toured the world on some 200 blistering dates, settled down in Los Angeles (Hollywood, to be exact), and began to get a bit melancholic in the process. The overwhelming amount of tourists, the constant feeling of being trapped in a giant theme park, and the bro’d-out anthems at Hollywood nightclubs were a bit much for the artsy New Zealanders. So they packed up their bags and headed over to the Laurel Canyon, a place of rock ‘n’ roll legend, to began working on new material under the influence of raging emotions, alt-rock tendencies, and the kindred spirits of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon.

But before landing in L.A., the endless tour dates sharpened the organic elements in their sound, and allowed them to create a live show that now includes a psychedelic explosion of lights, industrial flourishes, and a loudness of sound that rivals early shoegaze pioneers like My Bloody Valentine (just the volume), and brings all the dazzling stage show of a massive touring pop machine.

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THUMPERS: “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)”

I haven’t really been posting about “popular” indie music lately, but it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. So I figured I’d take a break from my recent experimental folk pop and provide a danceable new tune from THUMPERS, a duo from London. They’re expected to release their debut full length in early […]

Leonard Friend

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more open with my music taste, as I was pushing away certain bands because of their descriptions not “fitting my aesthetic.” What the hell does that even mean?? Who am I? Certainly not important enough to be thinking like that. I’M SO SORRY.

To […]

[MP3] YesYou: “Half Of It”

Certainly not me, but definitely this Brisbane producer duo (Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry, aka YesYou), who enjoy the help of James O’Brien (of The Boat People) and the St. Margaret Angelican Girls’ School Choir on vocals for the first single, “Half Of It”, off their forthcoming dance pop debut.

You know what? […]

[MP3] KAUF: “Relocate”

We’ve got a groooovy Saturday tune in KAUF‘s “Relocate”, Ronald Kaufman’s debut single. With a 1980s vibe and and disco overtones, this electronic musician knows how to bring the funk. It’s a trance-inducing slow dance tune, and it puts me at ease. I’m ready for future material from this Los-Angeles based […]

Panama Kings unreleased track

Panama Kings (out of Belfast) are releasing a new single on May 11th called “Golden Recruit.” After checking out the myspace of these guys, I decided that I would probably be alright to sway back and forth and bob my head in rhythmic fashion while their music is playing. That being said, it is […]

Apple’s new indie sampler: Dance and Electronic

Apple came out with one of their sporadic installments of free indie spotlight samplers yesterday for all to redeem and download. This mix is slightly surprising considering they usually spotlight singer/songwriters and more accessible stuff to the “common folk” (thought that’s not the case for their recently launched indie spotlight section in the […]

Fist of God or I heart MSTRKRFT

MSTRKRFT is the only acceptable reason for Death From Above 1979 to break up. I really could not handle the break-up of one of my favorite bands to randomly happen…unless something just as awesome were to come out of it. So when “The Looks” came out in 2006, everything was ok in the […]


Sometimes I get really bored, and I start to wander around myspace music accounts to see if anything strikes my fancy. I find this to be an effective way of hearing new music. After all, Myspace is home to thousands of bands. Why not?

In doing this today, I stumbled […]


I really get Starfucker. This is because I have always wanted to hold a terribly depressing dance party in my apartment. Starfucker has managed to take that feeling and compress it into one self-titled album. There are three members of Starfucker, although I have no idea what their names are. Come to think of […]