[Abby’s Road] Under Blankets


Covers. Cover songs, that is. I’ve talked about them before. Right. So I won’t go on and on over the bits I’ve mentioned then. Hopefully I don’t repeat myself very often. Here’s something new. I think.

I am big Shazamer. Wherever I am: car, shops, grocery…if I hear an unknown song and have my trusty iPhone, it’s happening. What a miracle, that Shazam. At any rate, post-identification, when I’m back in my bunker, an internet search follows. I want to hear the song again and anything else by said artist. This, of course, gets me sucked into a YouTube hole of monumental proportions. And I am not watching the nice stuff, that’s for damn certain.

I am a sucker for the “suggested” functions on ANYTHING. I mean, you never know. After watching and listening to what I was originally looking for I (nearly always) wander down the good ol’ “Related” road. This uncovers myriad do-it-yo-self videos. Here’s a little something to chew on: what is it that possesses a novice, fledgeling musician and drives them to put themselves and their rendition of WHATEVER onto the internet? Seriously. It’s rarely good. And my stars, it’s so hard to look away.

Why are these videos always so poorly lit? Turn on the goddamn lights. Unless you are in the bathroom with a backdrop of your ill-hanging shower curtain. This happens more often than I care to mention. Is it for acoustics?  Ultraviolet lighting (again, bad)? There are only a handful of reasons why you should be in the loo and I don’t want to see any of them. Like I said, I can’t look away. Somebody. Anybody. Please.help.me.

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[Abby’s Road] I Got You Covered

We’ve all been there: a friend suggests meeting up at a bar or restaurant before moving on to a show; a place you’ve never visited before. My most recent example of this was an Irish pub here in Munich. Such places aren’t usually chosen for the music, but for their drink or fattening […]

Sam Billen covers The Postal Service, Sufjan, and more on Removers

Late night email for the ages. We were just sent a few tunes from Sam Billen off his Removers album, with remixes and covers that range from Sufjan Stevens to Deastro to The Postal Service. His voice has a fragile melancholic ting, and he adds a bit of dreaminess to the songs with airy […]

[MP3] Little Girls: "10 Mile Stereo (Beach House Cover)"

Little Girls (aka Josh McIntyre) recently covered “10 Mile Stereo” by the current rulers of dream-pop indie, Beach House. It’s a pretty nice, more lo-fi version of the song (which JUST came out btw) that keeps the dreamy aspect alive. Which, as we all know, is very important (??). Regardless, it’s another current […]

Grizzly Bear cover Hot Chip, the indie music circle is complete

It was bound to happen. The Mayans probably predicted this one too. Madame Flora, the psychic down the street, will probably tell you she saw it coming (and then she’ll try to scam you out of thousands of dollars, she really does that!!). But here it is, massive indie music force Grizzly Bear […]

Nada Surf to release album of covers; announce spring tour dates

Intriguing much? Nada Surf is releasing an album of 12 covers of their favorite songs, titled if i had a hi-fi. The songs are all over the place genre-wise, including blues, spanish music, power-pop, and everything in between.

Although a great deal of thought went into the song selections, the band’s intent is not to make an overarching musical statement. Singer-guitarist Matthew Caws says, “We really just wanted to do it organically, whatever we felt like covering in the moment, rather than trying to sum up our influences or something. It’s whatever we were excited about in the months before making it. And I think we got to everything we wanted to.”

The news comes as a bit of a surprise considering they were looking to take some time off after an extensive tour for their 2008 album Lucky. Nada Surf aren’t strangers to this whole “covers” thing – their version of “If You Leave” (originally by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) garnered plenty of publicity.

Nada Surf – “If You Leave” (OMD Cover) [MP3] (not on if i had a hi-fi)

A pretty monstrous tour is lined up for the guys as well, and the only way to get the physical album (initially) is by attending one of the shows. You can pre-order tickets here, starting January 6. Dates after the jump (NYC and D.C. are both listed!).

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[MP3] New Greg Laswell – “Your Ghost”

Courtesy of KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune”:

Greg Laswell is an LA-based producer and songwriter with a few full-length original albums under his belt. For his upcoming EP, however, he’s decided to re-interpret some of his favorites songs. Here’s a preview with Today’s Top Tune, a haunting version of Kristin Hersh’s ” Your Ghost.“


TMS Hearts Moz -> Rolling Stone hearts Exit Clov

As some of you may be well-aware, NYC based blog, ‘The Music Slut‘, has been honoring Morrissey’s 50th birthday with a compilation of 19 Morrissey covers from a variety of indie acts. Knox Road friends and favorites, Exit Clov, (check out our interview with them here!) were among those acts, and were specifically […]


Ben Sollee – “A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke cover)

Cassettes Won’t Listen – “Change” (Blind Melon cover)

The Lovely Sparrows – “Chemicals Change”

Spoon – “Change My Life”

Rewind 2: Indie Bands covering the 80’s

(image from http://www.buffetlibredjs.net/)

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and all other life forms. Welcome onboard this RWD2 flight to the sounds of yesteryear.” – Buffetlibre’s Rewind 2

Wow. 90 covers. 90 mp3’s. Buffetlibre has done it again. Like last year, they have posted several covers. But this year is […]