Coasts: “Wash Away”

The fourth (and fifth) Coasts song I get to post on Knox Road? My am I lucky. More of the standard Coasts euphoria, which they’re somehow able to provide on every song they make. Not an easy feat, my friends!


The 4 song EP, with the title track above, is out via […]

Coasts: “Wallow”

Coasts continue to bring the goods with their new song “Wallow,” off their Paradise EP, which they will stream in full at the end of June. I’m curious how their music translates live. If they can pull off the energy of their recorded material, watch out. The crescendos burst at the seams.


Stream Coasts’ new song, “Oceans”

It’s frigid. I’m out on the roof with this pretty girl I met a few weeks ago, her cheeks rosy. We’re picking and licking icicles. I kind of want to buy those neon lights that will make the ice shine so my whole roof is magical. My very own ice castle. I’ll bring her […]


Whoever said you can’t listen to upbeat music in winter is a big fat liar. Because I’m doing it right now. *Obnoxiously sticking my tongue out.*

Coasts are a Bristol-based pop heavy band with driving melodies and peppy vocals. The band is going for a tropical vibe, which is clear through their music […]