Hundreds: “Ten Headed Beast”

Hundreds new video for “Ten Headed Beast” is colorful and beautifully imagined, but the main reason why I’m posting it here is because I can’t stop listening to the song itself.

“Ten Headed Beast” is off the album Aftermath.


“That’s it, right there,” I said to myself, “right when the bass line hits, 40-seconds in, the sound grabs you like a hungry beast looking for satisfaction. ” The crunching guitars and driving drums on “Swimming Pool,” the opening track on the FatCat debut of West Sussex trio TRAAMS, is a bodacious opener […]

A not-too-late look at Daniel Rossen’s wild and free Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP

Daniel Rossen builds a world of craggy cliffs and lapping seas, calling sirens and fireside revelations. He sings a whole world into being in five tracks; a starlit world full of shrines, deserts to traipse and promises to fulfill. Listening to this record feels a bit like reading a novel that begins right in the middle or a fantastic, sparse short story.

The symphonic strains of “Return To Form” or the hearthside confessional of “Up On High” delight both the ears and the imagination in a cacophony of tales told in sound. There are elements of cowboy, the west and the old open range in “Up On High” that aren’t country by any means, it just sounds wild and free, not quite untamable. The dreamscapes are astonishing.

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The Lumineers

The Lumineers make the kind of life-affirming folk music that many bands aspire for, but few actually pull off. Their best track, “Ho Hey” is a perfectly crafted foot-stomper, literally demanding a group singalong – on tour, the crowd will surely “ho!” and “hey!” along with the band after every four […]

Music in Australian GetUp!’s “It’s Time.” commercial

How can you not love this video (if you haven’t seen it yet)? It took me all of five seconds to go searching for the stunning background song.

Oliver Tank – “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion” [MP3]

Get the entirety of Oliver Tank’s Dreams EP for free on Bandcamp.


Luke Roberts needs a moment of your time

One of the greatest qualities of folk music is the story. There’s always a story in the song somewhere; you might have to search deep down in the lyrics or deep within yourself to find the story, but it’s there.

The songs on Luke Robert’s debut, Big Bells and Dime Songs, […]

[MP3] Reading Rainbow: “Always On My Mind”

Philadelphia duo Reading Rainbow has already made some great stuff I’m not afraid to admit I love. Most recently, they sat down with Philadelphia-based Shaking Through to record three tracks, one of which, “Always On My Mind” was featured and for good reason! The fuzzy pop track harkens back to recent […]

Mountain Goats’ Darnielle takes iPhone onstage, sings into it at show

Mountain Goats’ frontman/pretty much only man John Darnielle is known for being a bit eccentric, especially onstage. Self-proclaimed Darnielle fan Brandon Korch found this out first hand while filming him, touring as duo The Extra Lens, during a show at D.C.’s Rock and Roll Hotel on Wednesday. About halfway through the track, Darnielle notices […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: The Swell Season covers Neutral Milk Hotel

I’ve been a fan of the A.V. Club Undercover series for months now, and I feel like it hasn’t really caught on like it should, considering the incredible quality of a couple of entries. The premise is some artist or band comes in to the publication’s office and covers another song they chose from […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr do Inception

For all eight of you who haven’t seen Inception yet, well, this week’s video has nothing to do with the plot, so don’t worry: no spoilers here. But you guys should probably see the movie. It’s super good, and isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio a HUNK? I’m asking rhetorically, of course. I don’t know.

The video […]